As with any other organization, the North Coast Ohio Chapter of the Antique and Classic Boat Society would be nowhere without the efforts of its members. Each and every member brings a unique viewpoint, skills, and dedication that makes the group greater as a whole.

NCO is always looking for boating enthusiasts to join our organization. NCO chapter members enjoy many benefits including the Beacon newsletter, various boat shows, social outings, boat cruises, workshops, and a vast network of knowledge and skills to draw from.

In addition to becoming an NCO Chapter member, membership with ACBS (Antique and Classic Boat Society) also has several benefits such as getting the Rudder (a full color high quality quarterly magazine), free access to their online library of instructional videos, and discounts on marine insurance and several participating service shops around the country.

When becoming a member, you will see that there are two fees. One is for joining ACBS and the other is for which chapter you are joining “NCO.” Once you select them both future renewals will always include both membership fees as one simple annual dues renewal. You can join now using this link,